About us

A trip to India in 2000 deeply affect the Mülheim doctors, Dr. Hedda and Dr Claus Blumenroth, given the extreme poverty of many people and led to the decision to donate the entire inventory of their day-clinic in 2006, in order to provide and ensure medical care for a partial region of India. For the same purpose the nonprofit organization “RED LOTUS e. V.” was founded in the same year.

North India is one of the poorest and most densely populated regions of the world. The people live on the streets, in tents and huts, sometimes under terrible conditions. Poor nutrition and hygiene lead to infections and severe diseases, and especially endanger the health of children. Plus there is hardly qualified help.

First, a hospital construction in Sidhbari / Dharamsala was planned. But since there was no building permits granted until 2011, it was decided to join an Indian organization which since many years cares for the poorest population, in particular women and children in Sarnath / Varanasi.

Since its foundation this organization called Dfoundation (www.Dfoundation.net) tries to offer medical assistance in addition to their social activities, but due to lack of money so far without greater success.

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