The D-Foundation is a grassroots community development organization, located in the Varanasi District of Uttar Pradesh, India. This foundation does not have any religious or political affiliations, aspiring to serve all. After its founding members had spent over a decade actively involved in social projects, the D-Foundation became a registered “non-governmental” nonprofit humanitarian organization (NGO) in September 2006. Because local individuals, embedded within the community, developed this organization, the D-Foundation operates with a profound knowledge and understanding of the social, cultural, religious and political landscape of the region.
Please see our leaflet for further information about the D-Foundation.

D-Foundation Leaflet



  • To provide social and economic security, legal and moral support to women and children who are victims of exploitative practices.
  • To render preventive health services and curative medical services to the poor, the aged, the handicapped, the destitute, the victimized, women and children.
  • To provide education about how to preserve the environmental & ecological resources of the region, through environmental pollution control programs, education, etc.
  • To implement agricultural activities by adopting innovative technologies for sustainable rural development and to generate employment opportunities in order to sustain life.



The organization was started by some of the renowned social workers of Benaras. The founding members of the organization have been working in this field for 10 to 15 years. The organization works for rural development, education development, farmer, agriculture program etc. The founding members decided to create an organization to work with the destitute who are held inside prisons without any criminal offence. Most of them are small girls and boys police arrested them from street, railway station etc. So D-Foundation decided to ensure their complete rehabilitation according to Indian law. D-Foundation provides complete rehabilitation to find the families of the girls and boys and send them on training programmes, to enable them to intergrate back into society.
The conception for “D-Foundation” was derived through the tireless effort of Mr Valentino Geacomen, the founder and director of the “Alice School Project,” Varanasi, India. Mr. Geacomen’s philosophy is that social progress begins from the grass-root level; in order to bring about change, we must educate the children, encouraging them to then teach others through the power of education and social engagement. This will then create an indestructible ‘chain’ of social change. As a result of Mr. Geacomen’s profound influence, we at the D-Foundation have strived to be the next link in the “chain” of social progress. We would like to officially recognize Mr. Geacomen’s profound influence and express our sincere gratitude. As a result, the chain of good intentions intimately links “The Alice Project” and the “D-Foundation”, collaborating for the benefit of others.


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