Since April 2011 the construction and establishment of a clinic started through the support of RED LOTUS eV., which was then opened on the 25th of June 2011. Simultaneously, a clinic and a mobile van for
the ambulance service were purchased.

15 doctors from various disciplines, Nurses and volunteers work for the “Red Lotus Medical Care Center “. Within a radius of 30 km, additional medical camps are conducted in the slums once a week. Another focus is the medical care of street children, children who are housed in jails though innocent, shelters and nursing homes that had no access to health care. Examination, treatment and medication for these people is free.

During the first months already the rush on these facilities is so intense that the huge amount of work can hardly be managed.
Hari Om Raj, the founder and director of Dfoundation describes the
local states as follows:

Every day, including Sundays, several hundred people and patients arrive with great hope for help. Starting at 6 a.m in the morning until late at night, they patiently wait in order to get in. They are so poor, weak or sick that they can not be sent away.
(Hari Om Raj)

RED LOTUS urgently asks for donations.

The monthly maintenance costs are about € 5000.

Every small donation is very helpful.

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