Medizin Camp Bericht vom 28.08 – 04.09.11 (Englisch)

Report  from 28 august to 4 September

From 28 august to 4 September total numbers of patients 1624 they were 363 Gayno problems ,359 general problems  ,206 eyes problems ,136 case of paediatric patients  ,385 for homeopathic and 175 were are ayurvedic treatments .

Since there  are so much patients so we are running OPD from Tuesday up to Sunday .Monday we have holyday .


Weekly programme of OPD from 10 am to 2 pm

Tuesday Dr. Amrita Singh (Gayno)………… Dr.Sk pandey homeopath

Wednesday  Dr. Shashikant tiwari (general physician ) Dr. Sk pandey homeopath

Thursday Dr. Ashok varma ayurveda (B.A.M.S) Dr. Sk pandey homeopath, eyes specialist  Dr. kuldeep

Friday Dr.amrita Singh Gayno ……….. Dr. Sk pandey homeopath

Saturday Dr. Anurag yadav  (B.M.S) ayurveda  Dr. Sk pandey

Sunday – Dr. Niraj shrivastava paediatric 2. Dr. S pradhan 3. Dr.amit singh 4. Dr. Pratima 5. Dr. Amrita 6. Dr.shashikant tiwari 7. Dr.kuldeep (8.) Dr. Ashok varma 9. Dr. Sk panday

Notes –on Sunday huge crowd come from labour class and slams and rural class type patients ,manually 40 % female – 35 % old age and the rest is young children . the number is almost from 500 to 1000 so we have to arrange many doctors on Sunday .


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