Gesundheits Camp 10 July 2011 (Englisch)

As we committed that we would hold Health Camp 2 or 3 in a month. First camp we had organized on 25 June 2011 and second camp organized today. And next we will organize on 15 July 2011. On 1 July onwards we started awareness and inform backward people ( Lower cast: Harizan, Gaud, Mushar, Dharkar) of villages which listed below about our health camp with help of our volunteers. And whose results 417 patient came in our camp today.  Since this huge numbers of patients forced us to appoint more doctors during camp. The day before camp all arrangement was done: Tent house, mike, speaker, desk we embedded. Poster, name list, water, lunch packet for volunteers and doctors were arranged on Camp day. Camp began at 9am and end at 2 pm. All patients prescribed well and who need for further check up, are called in our next camp. And for eyes patients who didn’t get glasses are also called for next to receive glasses. We registered 147 patients who came only for eyes check up.


Place of Health Camp: Village:Faridpur, Sultanpur ( 3 Km away from Sarnath)

Area we covered- listed village: Faridpur, Khavpur, Sandaha, Chhahi and Sultanpur, Vyaspur   ( around 6 to 10 km from Sarnath)


Doctor’s Appointed:

1) Dr. Prabhat – M.D., Paediatric, Clinic at Ashapur Chauraha

2) Dr. Sanjay Mishra – Homeopathic, Clinic at Canara Bank, Ashapur

3) Dr. Pratima Singh – Gynaecologist, SHS BHU (Banaras Hindu University) Hospital

4) Dr. Amit Singh – M.D. ( Senior resident of BHU)

5) Dr. Salendra Pradhan – M.D.,  SHS  BHU (Banaras Hindu University) Hospital

6) Dr. A.K. Singh – Eyes Specialist, Eye’s Clinic in Ardali Bazar

7) Dr. Pramod Singh – Physiotherapist, Clinic at Pandeypur

8) Dr. A.K. Pandey – Eyes Specialist

9) Dr. H.K.Ghandvani- B.A.M.S, Ashadip Hospital at ChaukaGhat

And Pharmacit :- Anurag Shrivastav – LohiyaNagar, Sarnath


Patients were came for Check up:


All age group of patient attended to our camp like child, elder citizens, women and men.

Their problems related to Eyes, ear, hair, stomach, chest, fever, joint pain, itching, jaundice, kidney etc.


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